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To show my appreciation to you for checking out this game page, I got you a present! To claim your gift, just download and play this game. A lot of care went into wrapping it up.

WASD to move. Mouse for camera. SPACE to jump. Hold SHIFT to run. Left mouse button for miscellaneous actions.

Created for the Extra Credits Holiday Jam. Since the jam, I fixed a few bugs, but the puzzles are all the same. Both the jam version and the fixed version are available for download.

Also, if you enjoy weird, comical puzzle games like this, check out my next game, Fail to Win: https://tykenn.itch.io/fail-to-win-chapter-1

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withGIMP, Unity, Blender
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Christmas, Comedy, First-Person, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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White_Elephant Jam Version 36 MB
White Elephant Post-Jam Version 36 MB

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Hello, thank you for making this game :).

I have recently made a full playthrough of it as part of my 26 days of uploading for December. It was a lot of fun to play and was certainly a great way to kick-off the Christmas season :D!

Thanks again, and best wishes!

I loved it! This was a fantastic little puzzle game.

oooo there is secret? time to find it... also thanks for this small christmas game i enjoyed it :)

Amazing, its christmas now so the vibes of this game fit nicely. Played it previous christmas and now this christmas. It was very funny and i discovered the term white elephant, the puzzles were fun and simple, i solved them myself. The design and graphics were cute and the idea of this game itself being a white elephant is great. Make more games like this, very nice :)


Thanks, I'm glad someone understood the title! A lot of people were confused about that. There's actually a double meaning to the name, but the second meaning is more of an inside joke. During white elephant gift exchange games where people are supposed to bring funny but inexpensive gifts and fight over them, I like to bring a small gift wrapped an absurd number of times so we can all laugh as the unwrapping process drags on way too long.

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found the secret

Yes! Without seeing any walkthroughs? I was worried I had hidden too well.

dear developer, i can not crouch with ctrl button. i can not pause game with esc button.  Playstation 3 gamepad was not tested. I can not set graphic options in the game.

I appreciate the feedback, but the game was made in three days for a jam, and those things were not a priority. There's no reason to ever crouch in the game. Same with pausing. The game only lasts ten minutes, and if you have to leave for a while, you can always mute and minimize it. It's not like there are monsters that will attack you. You can set the graphics quality when you launch it. And the majority of PC players are going to use a keyboard and mouse, so it wasn't worth the time and money to test it on every gamepad, especially since I don't own any PS gamepads.

A good little game to play during the Christmas holidays! Thank you for this beautiful little gift. :)

Hey there!

I loved your game and wanted to ask if you used an asset for your first person controller, i really like it and could use on myself. Thanks!

Thank you for playing! That's just the controller from Unity's Standard Assets. I only modified it slightly to allow a trampoline auto-jump, and then I created an additional script for things like picking up objects.

Cool, I will check that asset out then.

Just fyi, if you ever need a 3d model, I am a Blender artist and would be happy to create something for you (no charge, of course)

Really lovely game for christmas ;) loved the idea behind it and the jokes! 

I'm a little late on this, but thanks for playing and recording my game. It was a great video! If you are looking for more puzzle games to play, you might enjoy the other game I recently published, Fail to Win. It has a similar kind of humor, but it's a lot more polished: https://tykenn.itch.io/fail-to-win-chapter-1

Perfect game for Christmas!

My channel (opens in new tab) --> youtube.com/jonathick

Awesome short game, i loved it all the way it was simple yet engaging, Great Job!!

I really enjoyed this game. Everything about it was just amazing. It really got me back into the Christmas spirit.

A really fun and short game, got me in the christmasy mood, Happy Holidays all 

Really fun game! I really enjoyed doing different things to open the presents!

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Thanks for playing! Historically, monarchs would sometimes give white elephants as gifts which, while a great honor to receive, were very impractical and hard to get rid of. Eventually, the term "white elephant" came to refer to any gift that was expensive but also disappointing. Now many people have a white elephant gift exchange around Christmas time, so it seemed like a good name for an absurdly wrapped Christmas present that is a bit anticlimactic.


Loved it! I am very glad that my trashy computer can run it! Puzzles were easy and simple! Thanks! Keep up the good work!


A fun, light-hearted Christmas game :)  I had a blast

Once I though about do something like that in real to give to someone but in a smaller box.


This is THE GREAT GAME. I expected from the game to be like others, but no, I think this is funny and in the style of the Xmas!Great.


I loved this little game. Even if I did get stuck half way through lol. I'm sorry the video came out laggy, the game worked just fine. 

Thank you for playing my game! It's exciting to see so many people record playthroughs.


Man, I've watched Extra Credits playing this and tried myself. Its really cool and I honest think that if you polish this game and make more puzzles, it could be a hit. Good luck!


I'm glad you like it! Jam rules won't let me update it until after Christmas, so you likely won't see much more of it unless I make a sequel for next Christmas. In the meantime, I'm working on another puzzle-platformer called Fail to Win (Respawn-as-teleporter type of thing). It's in a similar style, but better-looking and not Christmas, and I'll release the demo soon.


This was pretty cool. Played really well and you just had to get to the end and open that present to see what was inside. Really nice game... :)

Thanks for playing and for making this walkthrough! I made some small updates since you recorded this. The game still plays out the same, but I fixed access to a certain Easter egg, and controlling the wood box is a bit easier.