A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You're a new intern at a lab specializing in meta-universe research. It turns out most universes aren't the vast wealth of resources we expected. Explore the various one-room "universes", decode that pattern to the rooms' variations,  and move puzzle pieces between worlds to discover the true secrets of the multiverse.

It's basically an escape room where the room you are escaping is a bunch of different versions of the same room connected through a lab.


  • Move: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Interact/Advance text: Space
  • E: Change active item
  • M: Mute music
  • ESC: Quit

Made in 2 days for the GMTK Game Jam 2022 with the theme "Roll of the Dice". To clarify about the art, I did have some existing custom character art for another project that I modified for this project (giving them die heads and retexturing), while most of the environment models, props, and UI sprites were made in the jam time.

Mac and Linux builds are currently untested, so sorry if they have any problems. If so, let me know and I can try to fix it after the jam voting.


TheMultiverseRoom_Windows.zip 87 MB
TheMultiverseRoom_Mac.zip 97 MB
TheMultiverseRoom_Linux.zip 95 MB


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The Chip? graphic has more charm than most of this game.