You found Dr. Badguy's base and are close to foiling his evil plans. But you need to catch him first! Between him and you are many of his minions who, while poorly trained in combat, are excellent at slowing you down. See how quickly you can find the boss's room.

Created for the 52nd Weekly Game Jam.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Racing
Made withUnity
Tagsmaze, Retro, speedrunning, Turn-Based Combat


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Overall, I found the graphics and music nice and cute and the idea interesting. 

However,  I had hard time relating to the slowdown mehcanics: waiting for dialog boxes to fill up with text was somewhat annoying (but perhaps that was the intention?)

If wish the slowdown would come from something more rewarding... like facing some challenge and try to finish it as fast as possible. 

  It took me 17 minutes to finish.... :P

BTW the wooden signs were too cool to skip :)


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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I took a risk by using something usually considered one the the more annoying aspects of RPGs and turning it into a core mechanic. My last game was designed around awkward controls and somehow turned out alright, so I tried a similar tactic here, figuring that people will either appreciate or hate it for the same reason. Also, the slow-downs can make the speed-up pills that much more exciting.