After the Game Jam

A little over a week ago, we began development on Elevator Circuit as part of a nine-hour game jam. We managed to put together a few stages, but half of them were broken, and therefore excluded from the game jam submission. Since then, we've fixed things up quite a bit. Some of the more significant changes:

  • Re-wrote the circuit code so it is more reliable and accurate.
  • Fixed/Added three stages, bringing the total to five.
  • Added new character art.
  • Less wonky camera
  • Items outlined when picked up

We plan to add a lot more, but now that the first five stages are getting fairly stable, we would like some feedback. Let us know if these first five stages are fun.

Also, if you are a Unity developer and are curious how the circuit works, I posted a short tutorial with the code on my blog.


Elevator Circuit Setup.exe 16 MB
Apr 17, 2018

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