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The small, rival nations of Fontia and Calligria have been at an uneasy truce, but new threats begin re-open old wounds. However, the Author sent his chosen hero to bring peace once again to the land. What was his name?

The main idea of this game revolves around the idea of namesummoning,  the power people have to rip the letters out of their names and use them as weapons, shields, and tools. So A is an arrow, I is a sword, Q is a bomb, etc.. With 26 possible abilities, and practically endless combinations, much of how you play with depend on the name you choose for the hero. Also, significant parts of the world may change for different names, so you can replay and experiment with all sorts of combinations.

Many elements usually considered "meta" in games, like text boxes, houses being bigger on the insider, and the void beyond the edges of the maps, are actually diegetic parts of the world. The two main locations in this world are Fontia, a devout nation that follows the Author and the Church of the South Words, and Calligria, a nation that resents the Author and values individuality.

I'm still very early in this project. Unfortunately, it's too soon to give a release date, but I'm hoping to at least be able to share a playable demo prologue later this year. So far, I haven't put up a Steam page, but you can follow the project either here or on my YouTube channel

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